5 Celebrities Who Waist Train

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The vixens of the showbiz world have been known to do a handful of things to improve their beauty. None has gotten more attention than the waist training celebs have been doing. Most of these celebs tend to get into waist training after having a child to lose that extra weight. Waist trainers have become a hot thing and people are buying so many of them so as to have an hourglass shape.  Does waist training work? I’ll let you  the judge of that… WWW.STAGMI.COM

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian Waist trainer

Ahh yes, the queen vixen herself! Kim has come a long way from how she once looked. After having North, she has managed to snap her body back; getting even more voluptuous than she was before the baby bump. She has gained sexy curves with daily exercise and a waist trainer.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley


Everyone knows how desperately Jenni and Roger wanted to have a baby but one thing that she didn’t prepare for was the post- pregnancy pudges. She searched high and low for the perfect, time- saving weight loss strategy and she has finally found the item for the job; waist cinchers! Critics are now raving about JWoww and her ability to get back to her young and lively self so quickly. (As if she needed addition help with her hourglass figure!)

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

Snooki says she had to strap up after having a baby. Her post- baby body was not cutting it. After struggling to fit into clothes, and continually being unsatisfied with her photoshoots, Snooki finally gave into the new trends of the waist shapers! The shaperwears have encouraged her to eat better and even less. Now, her transformation has even her old enemies turning heads.

Kim Zociak

Kim is known for her vibrant personality and her appetite for food. After having six children, including her most recent twins Kane and Kaia, Kim and her husband Kroy have a huge job on their hands. Because of Kim’s busy lifestyle, she barely has time to work out- not that that’s at the top of her ‘to-do’ list! She has found joy and comfort in being able to comfortably wear her waist trainer in her seven bedroom house as she fulfills her duties as a wife and mother.

Amber Rose

waist trainer

After having a child and a public break up with Mr. Khalifa, Amber decided that the best revenge was a good body! Though she rivaled with Kim and Khloe, she used their approach to get to where she wanted to be. Waist training helped Amber tone up in all the right places! Keeping it on for only two hours a day, we have all noticed the one- of- a kind body. She is now living happily with her son and doesn’t regret a thing! Last but not least….

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