fajas stagmi
fajas stagmi
fajas stagmi
fajas stagmi

Denim Jacket SMI02246 Caídas del cielo

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Esta tabla de medidas aplica para todas nuestras fajas a excepción de nuestras faja SMI7115, SMI7116, SMI7099, SMI7104. 

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Conoce nuestra Denim Jacket de la colección caídas del cielo perfecta para utilizar con nuestro jean Levanta Cola SMI3495

Jacket Alas de Ángel en Lentejuelas:

  • Eleva tu estilo a nuevas alturas con nuestra jacket Alas de Ángel.
  • Diseñada para las almas libres y soñadoras que desean destacar, esta jacket presenta un deslumbrante diseño de alas en lentejuelas en la espalda.
  • Elaborada con atención al detalle y materiales de alta calidad, esta pieza es tanto una declaración de moda como una obra de arte.
  • Confeccionada para aquellos que desean brillar con luz propia, esta jacket añadirá un toque de magia y elegancia a cualquier conjunto.
  • Ya sea para una salida nocturna, un concierto o simplemente para sentirte poderosa en tu día a día, esta jacket te hará sentir como un ángel que ha descendido del cielo.

¡Luce tus alas y vuela alto con nuestra jacket Alas de Ángel en Lentejuelas!

Meet our Denim Jacket from the Fallen from the Sky collection, perfect to wear with our Lift Tail jean SMI3495.

Angel Wings Jacket in Sequins:

  • Elevate your style to new heights with our Angel Wings jacket.
  • Designed for the free-spirited, dreamy soul who wants to stand out, this jacket features a dazzling sequinned wing design on the back.
  • Crafted with attention to detail and high quality materials, this piece is as much a fashion statement as it is a work of art.
  • Tailored for those who want to shine brightly, this jacket will add a touch of magic and elegance to any ensemble.
  • Whether it's for a night out, a concert or just to feel powerful in your everyday life, this jacket will make you feel like an angel that has descended from heaven.

Wear your wings and fly high with our sequined Angel Wings jacket!



Stagmi is the best Colombian clothes that I have ever had !! Its very comfortable girdles and great quality in its fabrics! The Stagmi jeans are the only ones I use because I really like how it shapes my body like the girdles! I love Stagmi

Laura Estrella
Santa Ana, CA

Amo stagmi, su ropa es de excelente calidad, Mi closet solo Dise stagmi, no podría usar otros jeans que no sean de stagmi, sus body’s, ropa deportiva todo es hermoso, todo mundo siempre pregunta donde compre mis outfits,, y yo solo digo, Stagmi moda internacional.

Jenni Pacheco
Santa Ana, CA

If you’re looking for a Faja, waist trainer , Etc , this is the place to go ! Jessica is super knowledgeable and friendly. She will answer any questions you have. Great customer service! The store is well organized and they have so many products. The quality is so good as well . And affordable. Ladies check this place out , you won’t regret it .

Claudia Varela
Anaheim, CA

I came by the Stagmi Van Nuys location looking for a gift for my girlfriend. She recently had surgery and was still recovering so she was not yet able to come out to shop for herself. The lady who was working at the store was very helpful and knew a lot about the products that were needed after surgery. She was able to help me pick out something that my girlfriend loved. We will definitely be stopping by the store again when she recovers and is able to shop again

john ruiz
Van Nuys, CA


Stagmi 100% Colombianos

Fajas originales de alta calidad, 100% Colombianas que realzan y estilizan la figura femenina, se clasifican en uso diario, realce natural efecto invisible, realce extra post parto y post quirúrgica.

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